It is the policy of Greenserve to ensure that its work processes do not contribute to environmental pollution. We will comply with requirements of the Environmental Protection Act, all other relevant regulations and legislation.

 GreenServe actively encourages all employees to avoid harming the environment and to report any potential environmental hazards.

Greenserve actively encourages employees to suggest ways in which we can actively reduce and further protect the environment from work activities.

Greenserve will endeavour to minimise emissions to the atmosphere during work processes, minimize the amount of waste generated by re-using or recycling as much waste material as possible prior to disposal.

When disposal is found to be necessary Greenserve will ensure that all waste is stored securely, safely and disposed of only be licensed/registered carriers.

Greenserve during the course of our business activities, shall dispose of hazardous waste only by licensed/registered carriers.

GreenServe will regularly audit its operations environmentally and continue to set standards for improvements.

When purchasing new plant, transport and equipment, we will actively consider its energy efficient properties.  The company will further ensure that all existing plant, transport and equipment is regularly maintained to minimise impact on the environment.